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When it comes to the law, the uncertainty of it can be overwhelming to many people. Life is complicated enough as it is without having to worry about even more complex legal matters. Here at The Tortorich Group LLC, we take great care in lifting the fog of uncertainty, and bring some clarity to your legal matters.

We would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves, as a homegrown Wyoming firm, we take great pride in making things as easy on you as possible while we provide you with the highest quality legal counsel. Tortorich and Associates was founded in 2014, and is fledgling but growing firm. At The Tortorich Group LLC you will see an expression of Wyoming, and it’s rich heritage. Located at one of downtown Cheyenne’s historic homes, our clients experience the comfort of meeting with our attorneys like they are meeting them in their own home. Ran and operated by attorneys who love our beautiful state, The Tortorich Group LLC aims to provide the best legal counsel for fellow citizens who call Wyoming home.

Our friendly and professional staff works their hardest to make sure you feel at home, and our hardworking attorneys make your matters their priority. We handle matters such as Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Business Law, Contract Disputes. We know that the legal system can be stressful, and we work to provide you with prompt response times to emails and phone calls, excellent professional legal counsel, and deep empathic compassion. We strive to provide excellent service to you to give you peace of mind while we settle your important legal matters with the best possible outcome for you.

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