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Are you a professional looking to break away from working within someone else's organization and wishing to start your own? Do you currently own a business and need help with documents or transactions related to corporate governance? Do you currently own a business and are looking to buy another or sell your own? Or do you need to dissolve your business for any reason? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, our business organization attorneys can assist you with all aspects of your business law needs.

If you are looking to start your own business, our business organization attorneys can get your business established. We can help you set up a Wyoming limited liability company or a Wyoming corporation and assist with registering a limited liability company with the Wyoming Secretary of State. If you are looking to purchase or sell an existing business, we can assist with business acquisition negotiations as well as draft business purchase agreements and asset purchase agreements. If you wish to dissolve your business, our business dissolution attorneys can assist you through the dissolution process.

If you have a Wyoming limited liability company or a Wyoming corporation, our business organization attorneys can help with your corporate governance needs. We can assist you with amending articles of incorporation and by-laws; issuing stocks; assigning membership interest; and, drafting member resolutions.

Whatever your business law needs are, our Wyoming business organization attorneys and business dissolution attorneys in Cheyenne, WY can assist you. If you need help with registering a Wyoming limited liability company or registering a limited liability company in Wyoming, business acquisition agreements, business purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, or the dissolution process, contact us today.

Business Law in Cheyenne, WY

With no state income taxes and low yearly annual fees it’s no surprise that Wyoming has become an increasingly popular destination for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. At The Tortorich Group LLC, we know business law, and can help your start-up hit the ground running.

The Tortorich Group LLC specializes in helping local residents start their own businesses, as well as helping business owners maintain and run their business. We offer a wide range of services for our business law clients including: business formation; corporate governance; buy-sell agreements; contract review; and, other general counsel services in Cheyenne, WY.

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Corporate Governance in Cheyenne, WY


The Tortorich Group LLC in Cheyenne, Wyoming regularly helps businesses with various documents and transactions relating to corporate governance. Whether you are instituting plans for board member compensation or bringing new directors on board, we are here to help guide you through the process.

The Tortorich Group LLC we can offer counseling on a variety of corporate issues. We can help you navigate: stock purchase agreements and stock issuance/assignments, assignments of membership interests for LLCs, amending corporation by-laws and articles of incorporation (articles of organization for LLCs), business associate agreements, and the dissolution process in Cheyenne, WY (publishing notice of dissolution, asset purchase agreements, filing dissolution documents with the Secretary of State).


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